After years of building and working with internet-of-things technologies, here at Elastetic, we have become convinced that the time has come for the next generation of IOT applications. Even though it has never been easier to get started building devices, connecting them to the internet and setting up cloud solutions, it still requires a great deal of technological knowledge, skill and time to get to a production ready solution.

Some of you might already have this technical know-how and are just looking for a way to get going quickly or need some extra assistance.  Or perhaps you are not so actively busy with IOT but would rather like to focus on your core business and just want to get your devices going.

No matter what your needs are, Elastetic has made it it’s mission to help out with all your IOT needs: be it custom development, application templating and hosting or simply providing with expertise counseling. We are here to help you fulfill  your needs and help your company make IOT work FOR you.

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