custom application developmentCustom application development

Sometimes you just can’t find what you need from all the standard applications currently available. They just don’t make the cut. And so you need something custom built. Be it a desktop, web, mobile or embedded  application, we can help you out.

Web applications

These days, most applications are running in the cloud which has plenty of advantageous:

  • it’s easy to upgrade
  • your application is available everywhere, on every machine
  • collaboration with colleagues and externals becomes easy
  • Your data is secured against fires or backup accidents going wrong

Naturally, there are also disadvantageous which need to be managed carefully. Most often, this has got something to do with security, which is why this is always at the top of our list when we design your new software.


For building front-ends, we prefer to work with angular. Be it version 1, 2 or 4. This framework makes it really easy to make single page, responsive web applications that are easy to style and customize.


On the server-side of things, we most often work with the following technologies:

Databases & communication

Your data needs to be stored somewhere. These days, no-sql databases are all the rage. But that doesn’t mean we need to throw away the good old and reliable traditional sql systems. And lets not forget graph databases either. These are still a rarity, but sometimes they can be very useful, especially when building intelligent systems.  This is why we have experience with the following systems:

  • MySql & mariadb
  • Oracle
  • MsSql
  • MongoDb
  • Neo4J

Embedded applications

C or C++ are currently still the most frequently used languages for embedded systems.  These days however, there are some hardware platforms that offer a more higher level of abstraction such as the pycom, esp32/esp2866 and screvle devices.  These can be programmed in embedded python, micropython or lua.  For a complete list of devices that we are able to support, check out our devices overview.