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Most often, an IOT adventure starts by building some sort of prototype for your devices. Of course, some hardware platforms are easier to use at this stage compared to others.
People are often able to do get an initial proto type working by themselves: connecting an arduino with some sensors can be really easy, especially if you are working with plug-and-play sensor systems like the grove sensors. Sometimes though, a helping hand is more than welcome especially if you plan to eventually move to production ready devices, something that is’n’t exactly feasible with the previously mentioned grove stuff. At elastetic, we love building your proto-types. We have expertise with:

Sensors and actuators

Of course, the controller by itself is nothing without sensors or actuators, be them I2C, SPI, serial, ADC/DAC or whatever. Perhaps you have some specific hardware setup in mind or maybe you still need some guidance picking the right sensors and actuators. Let us know and we’ll be glad to help you out.

As I already mentioned, while proto-typing it can be convenient to work with easy-to-use systems like grove connectors. Other hardware platforms take a different route and provide an all-in-one hardware box with most of the sensors already built into, like the screvle.

The cloud

These days, devices often no longer function as stand-alone machines, but instead, they have some sort of connection to the cloud for which they need a communication protocol. Some devices can connect directly to the cloud, others need a gateway to bridge the local area networks to the internet.

Picking the right cloud solution and communication layers can often be a daunting task. A lot depends on the following factors:

  • your budget
  • power consumption needs
  • device limitations
  • real-time requirements
  • the expected location of the device (indoors, outdoors,…)
  • data retention & visualization requirements
  • and lots of other parameters.

Production devices

If you are only looking for a one off, then perhaps your proto-type can be it, but most often though, you need something more, either a small production batch or perhaps you want to commercialize your product. Getting from this proto-type stage to a real product is often hard and has it’s own set of pitfalls. For this reason, Elastetic works with a select nr of device manufacturers that are able to provide you the flexibility required for handling small production badges while keeping costs at a minimum and easily allow you to switch to commercialization and the production of 1000s of units.

We can:

  • Design and write the firmware
  • Help select the correct sensors and actuators
  • Build a prototype for you
  • Provide a road to commercialization

Do you need more information, contact us!