cloudOver the last couple of years, the concept of the cloud has exploded and kept on expanding with ever more services in reach of everybody. Where originally, cloud computing was mostly geared towards the virtualization of servers, over the years, the concept has expanded ever more. And now, for IOT, it has become an essential part of the tool chain. Without the cloud, there would not be an internet-of-things.


But which IOT platform is best for your solution:

And it’s not just these IOT platforms. There are so many applications and platforms out there that it is hard to know about them all. Especially if you are not ‘in the IOT business’, but simply have a need for it.  Or perhaps you just don’t care about any of that but only want to get the job done?

Pick your parts

With all those different platforms out there, most of them still only provide part of the puzzle. Some a little more then others, but none of them provide a full solution: storing data, messaging, device mirroring, data analysis, rules engines, data visualization, user management,… Often, you’ll need multiple cloud solutions that need to be linked to each other in order to have a full solution.

For this reason, Elastetic has built it’s own, re-usable open source application, specifically geared towards connecting multiple solutions together under 1 application. This tool can be the start of your own solution, but it doesn’t have to be. It is just something that can help you get things done quicker.

No matter what, let us know about your needs and we’ll see how we can help out.